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STEAMBOAT NATCHEZ - A truly classic expression of the best of America's great steamboat tradition.


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The New Orleans Steamboat Company is a proud member of the New Orleans Hospitality industry. We are pleased to work with all media for use of images of, or from, our vessels, tours, and restaurants.

We ask that media speak with our Marketing and Public Relations Department before arriving at the boat whether you wish to board just when we are dockside or to ride the cruises for the purpose of filming or photography. 

Ticket arrangements will be made for your convenience in advance.  Without prior arrangements, discounts or other special arrangements cannot be made.

Based on Coast Guard and Homeland Security directives, all camera bags and carry-ons are subject to search by the Steamboat officers.

Filming or photography done from shore during the regular dockside time or cruise schedule can be done at your convenience without notice.

You will have access to public areas, but not to private crew quarters or navigational areas. Requests for any other access has to be cleared through the Marketing and Public Relations Department. The Port and boat authorities request 3 days.

Requests may be made in advance to interview the boat Captain or officers, crewmembers, or employees, but cannot be done without permission

The Marketing and Public Relations Department must also clear film, photography, or sound bites of musicians performing based on the purpose of the footage or images to be acquired. All above stated access is based on our standard cruise schedule. Use of the boat(s) outside these times may carry fees or restrictions.

Contact: Adrienne Thomas
(504) 587-0724 Direct
(504) 460-9891 After Hours – media only
(504) 587-0708 Fax


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