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Covid-19 Update Photo

Covid-19 Update

September 21, 2021 News Flash

To learn more about what our city is doing to curb the spread of Covid-19 and protect our visitors and locals alike CLICK HERE.    … Read More »

Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS is back! Photo

Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS is back!

September 9, 2021 News Flash

Sailing the River again September 24th!   Check the Schedule and Book Today!… Read More »

Health Mandate in Louisiana Photo

Health Mandate in Louisiana

August 2, 2021 News Flash

  COVID19 Safety & Health Protocols   - New Orleans Steamboat Company                                              &n… Read More »

Women Captains Photo

Women Captains

July 14, 2021 News Flash

  Mrs. Mary Miller, wife of Captain George Miller, became the first woman licensed to command a steam vessel, in 1884.  She had been acting master of the steamboat Saline unofficially for some time. She had some competition in thi… Read More »

Gilded Horns of Steamboat Racing Photo

Gilded Horns of Steamboat Racing

June 21, 2021 News Flash

Imagine extreme sports athletes who have little regard for personal safety, put them in a competition like the World Series, wagered on like the Super Bowl and as elegant as Wimbledon, and you will perceive the aura of steamboat racing. Technologi… Read More »

New Mask Guidelines on our Riverboat and Tours Photo

New Mask Guidelines on our Riverboat and Tours

June 4, 2021 News Flash

“By local ordinance, all guests and employees who have been fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask.   All guests and employees who have not been fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask.” Management, New … Read More »

Memorial Day Photo

Memorial Day

May 28, 2021 News Flash

Memorial Day Thanks and Welcome to New Orleans! We are glad to have our guests and locals here and need to share that we are now sold out of Meal Cruises: Monday, May 31st (Dinner) Thank you and we hope to see you on our sightseeing and l… Read More »

Health Guidelines May 2021 Photo

Health Guidelines May 2021

May 12, 2021 News Flash

The City of New Orleans no longer mandates a Temperature Check at boarding locations for tours or cruises. We still recommend that you wear masks in indoor spaces (unless dining) Restrictions maybe slightly different in locations outside the ci… Read More »

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