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STEAMBOAT NATCHEZ - A truly classic expression of the best of America's great steamboat tradition.

2015 & 2020

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40 Years on the Mighty Mississippi

In 2015, as the Steamboat NATCHEZ celebrates her 40th Anniversary, the New Orleans Steamboat Company is thriving. The Steamboat NATCHEZ carried 332,000 passengers in 2014 and its sister company Gray Line New Orleans carried an additional 106,000. Together they employ 207 employees. For the last three years the NATCHEZ has received TripAdvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence.” CEO Gordon Stevens says, “We believe that, with the finest crew on the River, excellent food and beverage service and a great sales and support staff, the Steamboat NATCHEZ is poised for 40 more wonderful years recreating part of our American Heritage – the Steamboat Era!”



45 Years on the Mighty Mississippi

In April 2020, as the Steamboat NATCHEZ prepared to celebrate her 45th Anniversary, the Covid-19 Pandemic  invaded New Orleans Steamboat as it did all over the world.  The Company has survived major setback over the 45 years. Hurricaes and more, and none have kept us down. The Steamboat NATCHEZ will again welcome aboard guests and show them the southern hospitality that sets us above their expectations.  Gray Line New Orleans, her sister company, was also anticipating a banner year and will return as soon as government guidelines permit. The new Riverboat CITY OF NEW ORLEANS will begin to cruise the Mississippi as well, providing old world charm with the ultimate in modern amenities. For the past five years these companies have earned Certificates of Excellence from all the major visitor review sites.  CEO Gordon Stevens leads his team with high expectations for performance accommpanied by the warmth of a family owned business.  That spells Success for the company and her guests.


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