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Wedding Accolades From Kristin

May 21 2013 | news


Some excerpts from a letter from Kristin: I am writing to the staff of the Steamboat Natchez to thank them all for making my wedding a dream come true! I was looking to get married in New Orleans and we did not have a very large budget to work with. I began thinking about getting married at a small chapel, because that was all we could afford. We would be coming in from out of town and this was our very first trip to The Big Easy. We knew that because we were attempting to have a destination wedding our guest list would be very small, maybe anywhere from just the four of us (myself, my fiancé, and our two children) to 30 people at the very most. 

 The packages offered, seemed too good to be true. The prices were reasonable (not much more than the small chapel) and they included everything from the cake to the champagne.  I cannot say enough good things about Melissa, the ships wedding coordinator! She is a shining star in a world where good customer service is hard to come by, she is a dream come true! 

 As for the cake, my guests are still raving about it! It was so moist and delicious! It was beautiful! The lunch buffet was so much better than we ever could have dreamed! The food was delicious, hot, and top quality! We even got a recipe card for the bread pudding, compliments of the kitchen manager!    The flowers were divine! The roses were big and beautiful! My bouquet was prettier than the bouquet at my first wedding (which, I paid an arm and a leg for). The colors were perfect, the amounts of the different flowers were perfect, and every flower was completely fresh!

 The jazz band and the staff were just perfect to set the stage for a perfect reception! Every person on that boat went out of their way to make our day special, as far as customer service goes; the Steamboat Natchez gets an A+!

 We talked to Captain Robbie before the wedding and briefly went over what we wanted the ceremony to be, and what it meant to us. Once again, it was as if someone had read my mind!  He was well dressed, friendly, kind, understanding, warm, and I could not have written a better ceremony, and vows, if I had done it myself! He put into words every feeling I had about this wedding, and what it was supposed to be about. Captain Robbie, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

  The photographer! Ok, what do I say about Diane? She got everything! I wasn't sure she would be able to capture my special day the way a video would have, but she did! She was kind, courteous, professional, and captured my big day, perfectly!

 To everyone at the Steamboat Natchez, I would like to thank you all, every one of you for making my wedding special, perfect, and more than I could have ever dreamt of!  You should all be proud and rewarded for making people’s dreams come true!



 Married April 27, 2013 aboard the Steamboat Natchez 


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