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Summer Treats

June 9 2016 | news

The Steamboat Natchez culinary staff is excited to add ice cream in home made waffle cones during our Louisiana Summer.  On the day time cruises (11:30am and 2:30pm) guests can scoop up (pun intended) one of these delicious cones.  Ice cream flavors will vary but the waffle cones will remain the same great flavor. In 1937, Fred S. Carbon developed the recipe for the World's First Improved Flour. The unique recipe of the highest quality wheat flour and corn meal, blended with nutritious malt and a secret mix of flavoring, make delicious Golden Malted Waffles of superior taste and texture.  All the mixes are blended with barley malt. Malt provides several benefits. It is a natural sweetener, allowing less sugar in the ingredients. It also helps make the waffles (and waffle cones) light and fluffy. Another benefit is that malt is beneficial to your digestive system!  The Carbon's unique mix ranks over 4.7 on Amazon reviews for taste! So enjoy your ice cream (and cone) while you cruise the Mississippi River.

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