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Steamboat Stomp 2017 News

December 27 2016 | news

From the Musical Director of Steamboat Stomp New Orleans 

Dear jazz enthusiasts,
We have had number of inquiries concerning Steamboat Stomp 2017. Regretfully, we have decided to suspend the event for at least a year. After 4 years, Steamboat Stomp did not grow large enough to be self-sustaining. As a result, it was necessary to incorporate the event into our normal operations on the Steamboat Natchez. This proved to be difficult in terms of logistics. The New Orleans Steamboat Company, though, has excitedly announced the addition of a new boat to our fleet. This vessel could be more suited for special events like Steamboat Stomp. So we are keeping the door slightly open for revisiting this festival once the additional boat is up and running. I will keep you informed of any news. Thank you for your past support and we hope to see you again soon

Duke Heitger

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