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Meet the New Executive Chef on the Steamboat NATCHEZ

April 14 2016 | news

Scott Nesbitt, Executive Chef

The New Orleans Steamboat Company is pleased to welcome Scott Nesbitt, the new Executive Chef for the Natchez.  A Hawaiian native, Scott found himself in the south when he attended Louisiana Tech University. His love of the culinary arts has led him through an extensive background in the food industry, mostly in the southern states. Before joining the New Orleans Steamboat Company, Scott served as Sous Chef/Interim Executive Chef at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans. His experience also includes several resorts, casinos, and restaurants, usually holding positions as Sous Chef or Executive Chef.

Scott has been exposed to many different cultural tastes and experiences. He also brings extensive skill in managing a team of cooks and preparing high quality food for large numbers. He has a passion for food which is absolutely necessary in this industry.

Let's hear from Scott:

Go to dish to make at home.... At home I try to make meals that you can't buy at any restaurant. One of my personal favorites is a dish called Tinola which is a Filipino dish that is kind of like a stew to be eaten with rice.  There are lots of familiar south Louisiana ingredients in this dish and it is basically composed of chicken stewed with ginger, garlic, onions, and mirlitons...traditionally pepper greens are added to the broth but i am a horrible gardener so i usually omit them.  

Ingredients I must have in my pantry...Soy sauce is a must for me in any pantry.  I use it in sauces, marinades, and generally like to rub beef roast with it for flavor and color.  I have been know to drink soy sauce from time to time.

Favorite dish...This is a hard question for a chef to answer I mean I have so many favorites from different cultures and and regions.  If I have to say my favorite dish here in Louisiana it would be close but a creole style rabbit fricasse or a nicely done cochon de lait would be the tops for me.  But I do enjoy a good crawfish boil too.

Personal area of expertise...I would say that my personal area of expertise in cooking would be fresh seafood.  By no means am I an ichthyologist or marine biologist but I love trying out new seafood.  One of my favorite fishes to prepare is barracuda in the gulf. It is said to be poisonous because its diet includes the puffer fish.  Locals of the Caribean Island and people of the gulf of mexico are said to put a piece of the flesh of a barracuda on an ant hill and if the ants aren't eating it then it means there is poison in the flesh.  In the pacific islands Hawaiians call it Kaku and it is not deemed poisonous and is enjoyed as a good meal. I like to sear it and serve it with courgette risotto cake with a smoked tomato beurre blanc maybe with a shaved asparagus salad tossed in a little citrus for garnish. On the Natchez we are focusing on some classic New Orleans dishes with soups and some entrees that are correlate to steam boat era menus.

Food philosphy...I would say I am a bat of the chef world...the mammals look at the bat and call it a bird and the birds look at the bat and call it a mammal.  Through my career I have been a chef of many different styles of kitchens from diners, to fine dining, to steakhouses, buffets, hotels, casinos, and free standing restaurants.  I would say my area of expertise, when it comes to being a chef, is giving my guests what they want and to exceed their expectations.  I don't try to force anyone to like what i like, I just try to make what you like even better.

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