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Family Day on the Steamboat NATCHEZ - June 8th

May 28 2019 | news

Family Day on the Steamboat NATCHEZ

Saturday -  June 8, 2019

2:30pm Cruise


Designed to bring famiilies out for some special time together, the Family Day Cruise is designed with children and their parents in mind in all ways.

From the music on the Calliope to the band inside, the sounds of joyful summer are heard.

Entertainment for the children includes balloon artists, spray tattoo artist, a singing princess and a superhero walking the decks.

With a discount on tickets it makes this event especially family friendly.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or day-of (until sell-out).

If you decide on ordering the casual lunch buffet - be sure to reserve ahead (two items have been added to the menu for our young guests only) .

As there is not an elevator on board this steamboat, nor storage areas, we highly recommend leaving large strollers in your car or at home. 

We will be offering "stroller parking" with a staff member conducting the check-in and check-out, but certainly leaving them at home is the best scenario.   

Entertainment will be located on all decks.