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STEAMBOAT NATCHEZ - A truly classic expression of the best of America's great steamboat tradition.

Did you know...

June 8 2018 | news



...that in the early 1800's there were many "races" between riverboats heading to the same or similar ports?  Usually it was a friendly rivalry between captains of riverboats.  But in 1835 the Steamer Reindeer competed with another steamer and at the end of the race the winner wanted to know the "prize".  Sine the Reindeer wa a signifigant name, the winner had a pair of Antlers mounted on thier pilot house to show they were indeed the winner.  From then on the "official" race winners sport antlers and remove them only if they lose to another boat. The Steamboat Natchez has never lost a race in her 42 year history and sport beautiful golden antlers on the front of her Pilot House.

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