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Covid-19 Note: All persons 12 years and older must show proof of vaccination, PCR or antigen test for entry to indoor facilities. Please have this information readily available, prior to boarding, so that our staff and crew may easily and quickly verify this information.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we comply with the Modified Phase Three Plan.   

COVID19 Safety & Health Protocols

New Orleans remains open for you to visit!  In fact, most businesses continue to operate at 100% capacity both indoors and outdoors while upholding our citywide Modified Phase Three Plan.  With safety being the top priority for locals and visitors alike, this Plan requires the following to enter most indoor venues (restaurants, bars, receptions halls, etc.) in New Orleans:



NOVEMBER  2021 CRUISES & TOURS  (Please call us at (504) 569-1401 to confirm schedule.)         

 9:00am    Plantation/Swamp  Tour  • Includes transportation  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 

10:00am  New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour   • Includes transportation

 10:45am  Swamp Boat or Airboat Tour   • Includes transportation

 11:30am  Steamboat NATCHEZ/Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS   Sunday Jazz Brunch Cruise,  Sunday • Boards 11am • Meal option         

 11:30am  Steamboat Harbor Jazz Cruise  • Boards 11am • Lunch option Tuesday - Saturday         

12:00pm  Oak Alley Plantation Tour • Includes transportation

 12:45pm  Swamp Boat or Airboat Tour    • Includes transportation

 1:00am    Plantation Tour • Includes transportation  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday

 2:00pm   New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour   • Includes transportation

 2:30pm  Steamboat Harbor Jazz Cruise   • Boards 2pm • Lunch option Tuesday - Saturday             

 2:30pm  Steamboat NATCHEZ/Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS Sunday Jazz Brunch Cruise    Sunday • Boards 2pm • Meal option        

 2:45pm  Swamp Boat or Airboat Tour - Only Friday, Saturday & Sunday

 4:00pm  Original Craft Cocktail Tour  • Includes Introductory Cocktail • walking

 5:00pm  Ghosts & Spirits Tour   • walking

 7:00pm  Dinner Jazz Cruise / Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS Dinner Jazz Cruise   • Boarding opens 6pm.  Departure at 7pm.                 

  Ticket office—Toulouse Street & the River in the French Quarter

  Boat Meal options must be reserved to assure availability.    

  Calliope concerts begin 15 minutes prior to boarding. Cruises sail for 2 hours. food & bar options, narration, live music.

  While the Steamboat NATCHEZ is out of service for refurbishment, she will be replaced  by her sister boat, the Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS.  

night cruise on the river
wedding couple dancing
private charters boarding
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