Come aboard and let
us show you hospitality
...Steamboat Style!
STEAMBOAT NATCHEZ - A truly classic expression of the best of America's great steamboat tradition.


Captain's Salon Small Plates Menu

Captain's Salon Small Plates Menu

January 26, 2015 news

Not hungry enough for a full meal?  No problem! Join us in the Captain's Salon on the bottom deck of the Steamboat NATCHEZ for casual dining options, Monday through Saturday, on both the 11:30am and 2:30pm cruises. Chef Joey LaBella and his team c… Read More »

Steamboat's Return to Service

Steamboat's Return to Service

January 20, 2015 news

Right on schedule the Steamboat NATCHEZ will return to service on Friday, January 30th.  From her annual "facelift", the beautiful boat will show off a dining room image with a new paint scheme, carpeting and more.  As the crew puts on the finish… Read More »

Steamboat NATCHEZ in

Steamboat NATCHEZ in "Lay-up"

January 6, 2015 news

  The Steamboat NATCHEZ left her French Quarter dock early January 4th.  She is on her way to the shipyard for her annual "lay-up", which is spa-time for this 40 year old boat.  From painting, to carpets and mechanical equipment  to steam engine… Read More »


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